Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Quotes: Advertising. Advice. Affluence. Afterlife.

NOTE: The statement in bold-face is a brief summary of the quote, or the quote needs no simplification. The number to the left is the page number.

Advertising 43 Advertising appeals to men’s passions. "Men’s passions are so many roads by which they can be reached." Vauvenargues. Gross, ed. Oxford Book of Aphorisms.1746.

Advertising 108 "Promise—large promise—is the soul of an advertisement." Sam. Johnson. 1758. Gross, ed. Oxford Book of Aphorisms.

Advertising 81 Advertising controlled the surface of his life. "…so did the large national advertisers fix the surface of his life, fix what he believed to be his individuality." Lewis, Babbitt.

Advertising 81 Possession of advertised products was the proof of his excellence and substitute for emotional fulfillment. "These standard advertised wares—toothpastes, socks, tires, cameras, instantaneous hot-water heaters—were his symbols and proofs of excellence; at first the signs, then the substitutes, for joy and passion and wisdom." Lewis, Babbitt.

Advertising 166 Of 560 advertising messages a day, people only notice 76. "…the average American adult is assaulted by a minimum of 560 advertising messages each day…however, he only notices 76." Toffler, Future Shock.

Advertising 223 Advertisers attempt to fill people’s needs. "Advertisers strive to stamp each product with its own distinct image [which is] functional: they fill a need on the part of the consumer." Toffler, Future Shock.

Advice 374 If you have not experienced it, don’t give advice on it. Per Hansa: "My experience has been that it is mighty easy for one to talk about things he has not tried…I have sweat blood over this thing—and now I’m no longer equal to it…have you ever thought what it means for a man to be in constant fear that the mother may do away with her own children—and that, besides, it may be his fault that she has fallen into that state of mind?" Rölvaag, Giants in the Earth.

Advice 348 She thought all week of advice she wanted to give to him about improving himself. "All week she thought of things she wished to say to him, high, improving things." Sinclair Lewis, Main Street.

Advice 280 “Advice” meant “thou shalt.” “ 'Advise' was his [Sir Thomas’s] word, but it was the advice of absolute power." Austen, Mansfield Park.

Affluence 28 "...too much plenty impoverishes me...." Abraham Cowley, “Of Avarice.” 1665. Gross, ed. Essays.

Afterlife 1368 I go to a better life where I hope to see my daughter. "I go now to the better world, and, sooner or later, shall find my daughter there." “The Dragon’s Teeth” Hawthorne, Tanglewood Tales

Afterlife 816 Heaven sounds like a bore. Mr. Take-It-Easy: "…I heard such bad accounts [of the Celestial City]…no business doing—no fun going on—nothing to drink, and no smoking allowed—and a thrumming of church-music from morning till night." Hawthorne: “The Celestial Rail-Road”

Afterlife 362 There must be a better life because life can’t be created just for suffering. "Is there another life?…There must be, we cannot be created for this sort of suffering." Keats. 1820. Gross, ed. Oxford Book of Aphorisms.

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