Monday, March 17, 2008

Quotes: Character (1)

The bold-face print is an interpretation of the quote that follows.

Character 1422 "Hecate…an odd kind of person, who put all her enjoyment in being miserable…."“The Pomegranate-Seeds” Hawthorne, Tanglewood Tales

Character 1210 Some people make everybody they meet dull. "But some people have what we may call ‘the leaden touch,’ and make everything dull and heavy that they lay their fingers upon!" Hawthorne’s The Wonder Book for Boys and Girls

Character 516 Some people look like the product they make or sell. "The vinegar-faced traveler proves to be a manufacturer of pickles." Hawthorne: “The Toll-Gatherer’s Day: A Sketch of Transitory Life”

Character 510 Preacher. "Country preacher: horseman clad in black, with a meditative brow…through a mist of brooding thought…." Hawthorne: “The Toll-Gatherer’s Day: A Sketch of Transitory Life”

Character 522 The plodding prosper. "Since that event [dissolution of the partnership of Goldthwaite and Brown], John Brown, with exactly the qualities of a thousand other John Browns, and by just such plodding methods as they used, had prospered wonderfully, and become one of the wealthiest John Browns on earth." Hawthorne: “Peter Goldthwaite’s Treasure.”

Character 524 He looked like the empty schemes he fed on. "Gray-headed, hollow-eyed, pale-cheeked, and lean bodied, he was the perfect picture of a man who had fed on windy schemes and empty hopes…." Hawthorne: “Peter Goldthwaite’s Treasure.”

Character 576 “Dr. Caustic.” Hawthorne: “Thomas Green Fessenden

Character 583 He failed to understand the character of those he met. "Indeed, lacking a turn for observation of character, his former companions had passed before him like images in a mirror, giving him little knowledge of their inner nature." Hawthorne: “Thomas Green Fessenden

Character 608 His sympathy enabled him to understand the character of those he met. "He had a power of sympathy which enabled him to understand every character, and hold communion with human nature in all its varieties." Hawthorne: “Jonathan Cilley"

Character 609 His adaptability and cheerfulness made him enjoy the challenges of difficulties. " elasticity and cheerful strength of mind which made difficulties easy, and the struggle with them a pleasure." Hawthorne: “Jonathan Cilley

Character 610 He never let his bitter feelings prevent him from being courteous to his worst enemies. "...his own feelings were never so embittered by these conflicts, as to prevent him from interchanging the courtesies of society with his most violent opponents." Hawthorne: “Jonathan Cilley

Character 610 His enemies resented him, but he never lost his composure while interacting with them. "While their resentments rendered his very presence intolerable to them, he could address them with as much ease and composure as if their mutual relations had been those of perfect harmony." Hawthorne: “Jonathan Cilley

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