Friday, May 1, 2009

Quotes: Myths (7)

Myth, scene 1468 "…Medea tossed the contents of the gold box right down the monster’s wide-open throat; immediately, with an outrageous hiss and a tremendous wriggle—flinging his tail up to the tip-top of the tallest tree, and shattering all its branches as it crashed heavily down again—the dragon fell at full length upon the ground and lay quite motionless." “The Golden Fleece” Hawthorne, Tanglewood Tales. Medea 1, Dragon 0..

Myth, Ulysses 1406 "These [hogs] must certainly be my comrades, said Ulysses; I recognize their dispositions." “Circe’s Palace” Hawthorne, Tanglewood Tales.

Myth, war 138 "The confusion spread wider and wider; each man smote down his brother, and was himself smitten down, before he had time to exult in his victory." “The Dragon’s Teeth” Hawthorne, Tanglewood Tales.

Mythology 32 "For such was the rule of the Sanctuary [of Diana of the Woodland Glade]: A candidate for the priesthood could succeed to office only by slaying the incumbent priest in single combat, and could himself retain office only until he in turn was slain by a stronger or craftier...could fling his challenge only if he had first succeeded in plucking a golden bough from the tree which the priest was guarding." Frazer, The New Golden Bough.. Gives new meaning to the expression "Hired to be fired."

Mythology and word origins 427 " In Greek the various kinds of corn were called by the general name of 'Demeter’s fruits,' just as in Latin they were called by the 'fruits or gifts of Ceres,' an expression which survives in the English word cereals." Frazer, The New Golden Bough.

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