Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quotes: Organization (2)

Organization 137 "Yet there is evidence that bureaucratic hierarchies, separating those who 'make decisions' from those who merely carry them out, are being altered, side-stepped or broken." Toffler, Future Shock. All of the 'stakeholders' are a part of decisions. I question that view of future decision-making.

Organization 144 "Executives and managers…will function as coordinators between the various transient work teams." Toffler, Future Shock. Executives as coordinators?

Organization 144 Warren Bennis: "While skills in human interaction will become more important, due to growing needs for collaboration in complex tasks, there will be a concomitant reduction in group cohesiveness… have to learn to develop quick and intense relationships on the job, and learn to bear the loss of more enduring work relationships." Toffler, Future Shock. Shifting members of teams according to purpose. The need for collaboration in complex tasks. Interesting concepts.

Organization 146 George Peck: "The man periodically examines his own attitude toward the organization, and gauges its attitude toward him…doesn’t like what he sees, he tries to change it…can’t change it, he moves." Toffler, Future Shock. If he isn't downsized first.

Organization 149 "The word 'associate' implies co-equal, rather than subordinate, and its spreading use accurately reflects the shift from vertical and hierarchical arrangements to the new, more lateral communication patterns." Toffler, Future Shock. Is "associate" just another name for "subordinate"? Has the change in label really changed the relationship? I'm skeptical.

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