Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Quotes: Personality (2)

Personality 82 "Mrs. Norris was all delight and volubility." Austen, Mansfield Park. All happiness and talk.

Personality 115 "Maria, with only Mr. Rushworth to attend to her, and doomed to the repeated details of his day’s sport, good or bad, his boast of his dogs, the jealousy of his neighbors, his doubts of their qualification, and his zeal after poachers—subjects which will not find their way to female feelings without some talent on one side, or some attachment on the other…." Austen, Mansfield Park. The daily dose of Mr. Rushworth.

Personality 236 "…and though Mrs. Norris could fidget about the room, and disturb everybody in quest of two needlefuls of thread or a second hand shirt button in the midst of her nephew’s account of a shipwreck or an [military] engagement, everybody else was attentive." Austen, Mansfield Park. Irrelevant interruptions.

Personality 59 Utopia. "For they do not allow their own citizens to grow accustomed to the slaughter of animals, as they think that constant practice in this gradually destroys the kindness and gentle feeling of our souls." Sir Thomas More, Utopia. Cruelty to animals leads to cruelty to humans.

Personality 318 "Each time we make a style choice…each time we link up with some particular sub-cultural group or groups, we make some change in our self-image." Toffler, Future Shock. Our self-image is defined by the groups with whom we associate.

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