Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Quotes: Religion (4).

Religion 329 "Religion is not got rid of by eliminating superstition." Cicero. Latin. Dictionary of Foreign Terms. There is something deeper than superstition in religion.

Religion 268 " ...daily the trained parrot in the pulpit gravely delivers himself of these ironies [the religious code of conduct applicable to people, not to God], which he has acquired at second-hand and adopted without examination, to a trained congregation which accepts them without examination.... " Mark Twain. “Thoughts of God.” 1890s. Gross, ed. Essays.

Religion 313 "...divines reducing life to the dimensions of a mere funeral procession...." Robert Louis Stevenson, “Aes Triplex.” 1878. Gross, ed. Essays. Life is only a means to an end. Joy cannot exist in life. Joy can be found only in the after-life. What really matters is the after-life.

Religion 386 "Anglicanism [the English church] has never produced--never could produce--a St. Teresa." Lytton Strachey. “Creighton.” 1925. Gross, ed. Essays.

Religion 532 "The Buddha has delivered himself from the world and may well look superior to it, but he is telling you that you can do the same; also he could not achieve this apparently selfish aim without first learning complete unselfishness." Sir William Empson. “The Faces of Buddha.” 1936. Gross, ed. Essays. Apparent contradictions in Buddha's Teaching.

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