Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quotes: Sayings (12)

Saying 173 "Endure this evil, lest a greater come upon you:" Phaedrus. Latin. Dictionary of Foreign Terms. Do not complain about this boss because the next boss you have will be worse.

Saying 177 "Physician, heal thyself." Luke. iv. 23. Greek. Dictionary of Foreign Terms. Use the same methods you use with others yourself.

Saying 178 "Forgive others often, yourself never." Latin. Dictionary of Foreign Terms

Saying 179 "Fire is not extinguished by fire." Italian. Dictionary of Foreign Terms. A half-truth. Forest fires are often extinguished by setting controlled fires to reduce fodder for the major blaze.

Saying 188 "To [those with] understanding, few words suffice." Latin. Dictionary of Foreign Terms. The truly intelligent person does not need a lengthy explanation.

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