Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Quotes: Communism. Comparison.

The idea in bold-face print is a summary of the quote. The number is the page on which the quote was found.

Communism 46 Defeating the Communists will require internal economic and social reform in addition to military force. "McNamara [March 1962]: …the application of military force alone will not automatically defeat the Communists unless there is internal economic and social reform." McNamara’s In Retrospect

Communism 38 Communism or community possessions will never work because people are unable to profit from their work and letting the other guy do the work will make people lazy. "I am of the…opinion that life can never be comfortable with community possessions…for considerations of his own profit do not urge him on, and confidence in another’s industry makes him lazy." Sir Thomas More, Utopia.

Comparison 1358 "…for this little princess was active as a squirrel…." “The Dragon’s Teeth” Hawthorne, Tanglewood Tales

Comparison 101 "One evening not long after he took office, Johnson confessed to his aide Bill Moyers that he felt like a catfish that had ‘just grabbed a big juicy worm with a right sharp hook in the middle of it.’ " McNamara’s In Retrospect

Comparison 157 George Ball: "Once on the tiger’s back we cannot be sure of picking the place to dismount." McNamara’s In Retrospect

Comparison 828 "…withered leaves…the ideas and feelings we have done with." Hawthorne: “Buds and Bird-Voices”

Comparison 1089 "…she looked like a cheerful thought." Hawthorne: “The Snow Image”

Comparison 36 "I hate to be near the sea...it puts me in mind of the everlasting efforts of the human mind, struggling to be free and ending just where it began." Hazlitt. 1823. Gross, ed. Oxford Book of Aphorisms.

Comparison 167 "The drop hollows the stone, not by force, but by constant dropping." Latin. Dictionary of Foreign Terms

Comparison 193 To throw the helve after the hatchet; to give up in despair. French. Dictionary of Foreign Terms

Comparison 117 "We drove slowly away, against the fine, icy snow which cut our faces like a sand-blast."

Comparison 372 [Per Hansa] "…his whole figure seemed fearfully ravaged and broken, like a forest maple shattered by a storm." Rölvaag, Giants in the Earth.

Comparison 157 "I’m a hawk; a tiny leashed hawk, pecked to death by these large, white, flabby, wormy hens." Sinclair Lewis, Main Street.

Comparison 198 "She saw that he had never been anything but a frame on which she had hung shining garments." Sinclair Lewis, Main Street.

Comparison 201 "In fur coats and mufflers tied over caps they were a strange company, bears and walruses talking." Sinclair Lewis, Main Street.

Comparison 313 "Probably I’m a hexagonal peg; solution: find the hexagonal hole." Sinclair Lewis, Main Street.

Comparison 320 " …cud-chewing citizens…." Sinclair Lewis, Main Street.

Comparison 4 "That man Leeuwenhoek was like a puppy who sniffs—with a totally impolite disregard of discrimination—at every object of the world around him." DeKruif, Microbe Hunters.

Comparison 604 "It’s like the life and death of a fly, on a wall, in a village, somewhere in China…that’s how much I care." DeLillo, Underworld.

Comparison 77 "…the colonel surged to his feet like a gigantic belch." Heller, Catch-22.

Comparison 131 "The general after, for the second time, routing a force which had penetrated his lines: I’m the little lady who allows the lecher beside me to get his hand way up under my dress before I cut off his wrist." Mailer, The Naked and the Dead.

Comparison 355 "…described at the same time how it was always March there and always Monday." Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Comparison 297 "It will be a bitter pill to her, that is, like other bitter pills, it will have two moments ill-flavor, and then be swallowed and forgotten…." Austen, Mansfield Park.

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