Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Quotes: Fireflies. Fireplace.

The idea in bold-face print is a summary of the quote. The number after the topic is the page on which the quote was found.

Fireflies 171 How do the fireflies do it? "We can now name the chemicals that seem to create their [the fireflies’] heatless fire, and we can say the process is something like an enzyme action…but the fact remains that we don’t know why or precisely how the firefly creates light." Borland, Twelve Moons of the Year

Fireplace 841 The replacement of the stove for the fireplace changed the nature of society. "It is a great revolution in social and domestic life…this almost universal exchange of the open fireplace for the cheerless and ungenial stove." Hawthorne: “Fire-Worship”

Fireplace 843 My predecessor turned a forest to oak logs to ashes annually. "The good old clergyman, my predecessor in this mansion, was well acquainted with the comforts of the fireside…yearly allowance of wood…was no less than sixty cords; almost an annual forest was converted from oak logs into ashes, in the kitchen, the parlor and the little study." Hawthorne: “Fire-Worship”

Fireplace 845 "…an incense of night-long smoke, creeping quietly up the chimney." Hawthorne: “Fire-Worship”

Fireplace 846 Social intercourse has lost something without firelight. "It is my belief, that social intercourse cannot long continue what it has been, now that we have subtracted from it so important and vivifying an element as firelight." Hawthorne: “Fire-Worship”

Fireplace 847 "But we at least have our youthful recollections tinged with the glow of the hearth." Hawthorne: “Fire-Worship”

Fireplace 874 What is lost without the fireside. "[Without the fireside] domestic life…will seek its separate corners, and never gather itself into groups; the easy gossip—the merry, yet unambitious jest—the live-long, practical discussion of real matters in a casual way—the soul of truth, which is so often incarnated in a simple fireside word—will disappear from the earth." Hawthorne: “Fire-Worship”

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