Friday, October 17, 2008

Quotes: Liberalism, Liberals.

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Liberalism, Liberals
Liberalism 183 Liberals exist in Eden and legislate the way people should be; they ignore the friction among people that prevents the liberals' visions from becoming reality. "The conservative party in the universe concedes that the radical would talk sufficiently to the purpose, if he were still in the garden of Eden; he legislates for man as he ought to be; his theory is right, but he makes no allowance for friction; and this omission makes his whole doctrine false." Emerson, “The Conservative.” 1841. Gross, ed. Essays.

Liberalism 154 The "underground" socialists: Liberals. "The worst menace to sound government is not the avowed socialists but a lot of cowards who work under cover—the long-haired gentry who call themselves “liberals” and “non-partisan” and “intelligentsia” and God only knows how many other trick names…irresponsible teachers and professors constitute the worst of this whole gang…." Lewis, Babbitt.

Liberals 451 Liberals are afraid of the world as it is or they are young and want to remake the world in their own image. Cummings [the General] has once said, “You know, Robert, there really are only two kinds of liberals and radicals…the ones who are afraid of the world and want it changed to benefit themselves…and...the young people who don’t understand their own desires…want to remake the world, but they never admit they want to remake it in their own image." Mailer, The Naked and the Dead.

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