Monday, March 9, 2009

Quotes: Military (1)

Military 196 "Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms." Groucho Marx. Portable Curmudgeon. I'll say!

Military 224 "General Peckem even recommends that we send our men into combat in full dress uniform so they’ll make a good impression on the enemy when they’re shot down." Heller, Catch-22. What a terrific [military] idea. Like lining up the salt shakers in the mess hall.

Military 224 “Get word to the office right away to kill that directive I just issued ordering the men to wear neckties on the combat missions,” Colonel Cathcart whispered…. Heller, Catch-22. Ditto my last comment.

Military 116 "Looking down an aisle of the grove, the youth and his companion saw a jangling general and his staff almost ride upon a wounded man who was crawling on his hands and knees…general reigned strongly at his charger’s opened and foamy mouth and guided it with dexterous horsemanship past the man." Crane, The Red Badge of Courage. Concern for his men. That's why a general is a general.

Military 118 "…the youth felt that he had been made aged…new eyes were given to him…the most startling thing was to learn suddenly that he was very insignificant…officer spoke of the regiment as if he referred to a broom…part of the woods needed sweeping, perhaps, and he merely indicated a broom in a tone properly indifferent to its fate." Crane, The Red Badge of Courage. Military tactics.

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