Monday, March 2, 2009

Quotes: Microbes.

Microbes 9 Beasts these were of a kind that ravaged and annihilated whole races of men ten million times larger than they were themselves…silent assassins that murdered babes in warm cradles and kings in sheltered places." DeKruif, Microbe Hunters. The unseen killers.

Microbes 11 "He [Leeuwenhoek] gaped at their enormous littleness…found many thousands of them did not equal a grain of sand in bigness." DeKruif, Microbe Hunters. The littleness of microbes.

Microbes 54 "…these wretched microbes could kill their millions of human beings mysteriously and silently…were much more efficient murderers than the guillotine or the cannons of Waterloo." DeKruif, Microbe Hunters. Efficient murderers.

Microbes 72 "Pasteur…first attempts at showing that microbes are the real murderers of the human race." DeKruif, Microbe Hunters.

Microbes 113 "Why, this disease is too terrible to be caused by such a wretched little creature as a twenty-thousandth-of-an-inch-long bacillus!" DeKruif, Microbe Hunters.

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