Friday, February 27, 2009

Quotes: Men and Women (2)

Men and women 113 "It was very painful, when you made it quite clear to a young man that you were determined not to marry him, however much he might wish it, that he would still continue to pay you marked attentions; if he meant them sincerely, instead of being so strange as Mr. Godfrey Cass was, sometimes behaving as if he didn’t want to speak to her, and taking no notice of her for weeks and weeks, and then, all on a sudden, almost making love again?" George Eliot, Silas Marner. Predictable male behavior when rejected by a woman.

Men and women 193 "It drives me past patience, said Priscilla, impetuously, that way o’ the men—always wanting and wanting and never easy with what they’ve got: they can’t sit comfortable in their chairs when they’ve neither ache nor pain, but either they must stick a pipe in their mouths, to make them better than well, or else they must be swallowing something strong…." George Eliot, Silas Marner. The female view of men.

Men and women 326 "He had vanity, which strongly inclined him…to think she did love him, though she might not know it herself…that he should be able in time to make those feelings what he wished." Austen, Mansfield Park. The male view of women. She doesn't know she loves me. I will make her love me.

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