Monday, February 2, 2009

Quotes: Marriage (14)

Marriage 229 "...he found that he was turning toward youth, as youth." Lewis, Babbitt. Oh, to be young again!

Marriage 283 He: "Here I have to be in the office every single day, while you can go out all afternoon and see folks and visit with neighbors and do any blinkin’ thing you want to!" She: "Yes, and a fine lot of good that does me! Just talking over the same old things with the same old crowd, while you have all sorts of interesting people coming in to see you at the office." Lewis, Babbitt. The sniping that grinds down a marriage.

Marriage 295 "With true masculine wiles he not only convinced himself that she had injured him but, by the loudness of his voice and the brutality of his attack, he convinced her also, and presently he had her apologizing for his having spent the evening with Tanis [his lover]...went up to bed well pleased, not only the master, but the martyr of the household." Lewis, Babbitt. Masculine doubletalk.

Marriage 305 "Instantly all the indignations which had been dominating him and the spiritual dramas through which he had struggled became pallid and absurd before the ancient and overwhelming realities, the standard and traditional realities, of sickness and menacing death, the long night, and the thousand steadfast implications of married life." Lewis, Babbitt. Illusion and reality.

Marriage 203 "Red thought of the mother Wyman would have to support if he married his girl, and he had a quick elliptic knowledge of everything that would contain—the arguments, the worries over money, the grinding extinction of their youth until they would look like the people who walked by them in the park…." Mailer, The Naked and the Dead. An overview of marriage.

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