Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quotes: Memories (1)

Memories 568 "Would that my hiding place were lonelier, so that the past might not find me!" Hawthorne: "Footprints on the Sea-Shore." Trying to escape from past memories. RayS.

Memories 708 "I can spare none of my recollections—not even those of error or sorrow…are all alike the food of my spirit." Hawthorne: "A virtuoso's Collection." All memories, good and bad, are a part of my spirit. RayS.

Memories 726 "The glow of festal torches—the blaze of perfumed lamps—the bonfires that had been kindled for him, when he was the darling of the people—the splendor of the royal court, where he had been the peculiar star…."Hawthorne: "The Antique Ring." Memories of past glories. RayS.

Memories 794 "The past, dismal as it seems, shall fling no gloom upon the future; to give it its due importance, we must think of it as an anecdote in our eternity." Hawthorne: "Egotism; Or, the Bosom-Serpent." Make bad memories anecdotes in our eternal life. RayS.

Memories 273 "The things we remember best are those better forgotten." Gracian. 1647. Gross, ed. Oxford Book of Aphorisms. We can't forget those bad memories. RayS.

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