Thursday, February 26, 2009

Quotes: Men and Women (1)

Men 587 "Boys, of vastly different sizes, but all affecting a brave unconcern." Richard Cobb. “The Homburg Hat.” 1985. Gross, ed. Essays. The male cult of nonchalance.

Men 587 "…fathers sharing with their sons, whether tall or quite tiny, a brave indifference and common stiff upper-lipdom" “The Homburg Hat.” 1985. Gross, ed. Essays. Men dare not cry.

Men and women 411 "Most of the men who came to the flat…had the easy gentleness, the acceptance of women without embarrassed banter, for which she had longed in Gopher Prairie." Sinclair Lewis, Main Street. Lack of male self-consciousness when mixing with women in a social setting.

Men and women 280 "...oh, damn these women and the way they get you all tied up in complications!" Lewis, Main Street. Male stereotype of women.

Men and women 203 Red: “Naw, she didn’t lie, but people change, you know.” Mailer, The Naked and the Dead. "Dear John!"

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