Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quotes: Medicine (3)

Medicine 478 "Too few physicians practice the intuitive diagnosis that used to be expected from every medical man while medicine was still a calling rather than a business." Robert Graves. “The Case for Xanthippe [Plato’s shrewish wife].” 1960. Gross, ed. Essays. "When baseball was a game instead of a business," etc., etc., etc. RayS.

Medicine 19 "We land in a rut of obstetrics and typhoid and busted legs." Sinclair Lewis, Main Street. From the general practitioner's point of view. RayS.

Medicine 163 "…tries to argue his patients into having whatever he diagnoses them as having!" Sinclair Lewis, Main Street. The psychology of doctoring. RayS.

Medicine 308 "The ambulance whirled under the hooded carriage-entrance of the hospital, and instantly he was reduced to a zero in the nightmare succession of cork-floored halls, endless doors open on old women sitting up in bed, and elevator, the anesthetizing room...was permitted to kiss his wife...." Lewis, Babbitt. The hospital "experience." RayS.

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