Thursday, February 5, 2009

Quotes: Marriage (17)

Marriage 252 Young black woman: "In the white world, marriage is always billed as ‘the end’—like in a Hollywood movie."Toffler, Future Shock. The stereotype of marriage is defined in a Hollywood movie.

Marriage and affairs 269 "He had pictured Tanis [his lover] as living in a rose-tinted vacuum, waiting for him, free of all the complications of a Floral Heights." Lewis, Babbitt. Men and lovers.

Marriage and affairs 294 "I want us to be friends but, gosh, I can’t go on this way feeling I got to come up here every so often--" Lewis, Babbitt. Men and lovers.

Marriage and affairs 302 "Then he broke, and one evening, late, he did run to Tanis...had not dared to hope for it, but she was in, and alone...wasn’t Tanis...a courteous, brow-lifting, ice-armored woman who looked like Tanis...said, 'Yes, George, what is it?' in even and uninterested tones, and he crept away, whipped. Lewis, Babbitt. The End!

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