Friday, January 30, 2009

Quotes: Marriage (13)

Marriage 9 He was raging: "By golly, here they go and use up all the towels, every doggone one of 'em, and they use 'em and get 'em all wet and sopping, and never put out a dry one for me--of course, I'm the goat!--and then I want one and--I'm the only person in the doggone house that's got the slightest doggone bit of consideration for other people and thoughtfulness and consider there may be others that may want to use the doggone bathroom after me and consider--." Lewis, Babbitt. The Bathroom Morning Blues. RayS.

Marriage 10 "After a rather thorough discussion of all the domestic and social aspects of towels, she [his wife] apologized to Babbitt for his having an alcoholic headache; and he recovered enough to endure the search for a B.V.D. undershirt which had, he pointed out, malevolently been concealed among his clean pajamas." Lewis, Babbitt. Ouch! RayS.

Marriage 16 "He [Babbitt] really disliked being a family tyrant, and his nagging was as meaningless as it was frequent." Lewis, Babbitt.

Marriage 114 "He was sulkily silent; he maintained his bad temper at a high level of outraged nobility all the four blocks home."Lewis, Babbitt.

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