Monday, January 26, 2009

Quotes: Marriage (9)

Marriage 292 "It’s [family life’s] all being under somebody’s thumb." Cather, My Ántonia

Marriage 367 "I wondered whether the life that was right for one was ever right for two." Cather, My Ántonia. In my opinion, a profound thought. RayS.

Marriage 373 "But is a man to refuse to go where his whole future calls, only because his wife doesn’t like it?" Rölvaag, Giants in the Earth.

Marriage 30 "And this thick man beside her, who dared to define her future, he was a stranger...turned in her seat, stared at him: who was he?" Sinclair Lewis, Main Street. The awakening. RayS.

Marriage 73 "...occasionally she was indignant that she should always have to petition him [her husband] for the money with which to buy his food...a nuisance to have to run down the street after him because she had forgotten to ask him for money at breakfast...he liked the lordliness of giving largess." Sinclair Lewis, Main Street. Does anyone remember this experience in a marriage? RayS.

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