Monday, January 19, 2009

Quotes: Marriage (4)

Marriage 156 "He who is about to marry is on the road to repentance." Greek. Dictionary of Foreign Terms. "Repentance" for all that he did before he married?RayS.

Marriage 156 "Marriage is an evil that most men welcome." Menander. Greek. Dictionary of Foreign Terms. And later regret? RayS.

Marriage 207 "Praise married life, but remain single." Italian. Dictionary of Foreign Terms

Marriage 236 "I give you a wife, but not a slave." Spanish. Dictionary of Foreign Terms. The biggest lie in Christendom is that in marriage two become one. A woman is a unique human being and personality with ambition and the desire to live a full life--quite apart from the ambition and life of her husband. RayS.

Marriage 405 Harriette Wilson: "I cannot for the life of me divest myself of the idea that if all were alike honorable and true, as I wish it to be, it would be unnecessary to bind men and women together by law, since two persons who may have chosen each other from affection, possessing heart and honor, could not part, and where there is neither the one nor the other, even marriage does not bind." Virginia Woolf. “Harriette Wilson.” 1925. Gross, ed. Essays. True love does not require marriage by law because if love and honor do not keep the partners together, neither can marriage by law. RayS.

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