Friday, August 28, 2009

Quotes: Primitive Beliefs (10)

Primitive belief 426 " Persephone…the goddess who spends three or…six months every year with the dead underground and the remainder of the year with the living above ground; in whose absence the barley seed is hidden in the earth and the fields lie bare and fallow; on whose return in spring to the upper world the corn shoots up from the clods and the earth is heavy with leaves and blossoms…." Frazer, The New Golden Bough.

Primitive belief 433 " Above all, the thought of the seed buried in the earth in order to spring up to new and higher life readily suggested a comparison with human destiny, and strengthened the hope that for man too the grave may be but the beginning of a better and happier existence in some brighter world unknown." Frazer, The New Golden Bough.

Primitive belief 471 "In Germany the corn is very commonly personified under the name of the Corn-mother…in spring when the corn waves in the wind, the peasants say, 'There comes the Corn-mother' or 'The Corn-mother is running over the field,' or 'the Corn-mother is going through the corn.' " Frazer, The New Golden Bough.

Primitive belief 471 "Or they call her the Old Corn-woman, and say that she sits in the corn and strangles the children who tread it down." Frazer, The New Golden Bough.

Primitive belief 483 …the desired objects are attained, not by propitiating the favor of divine beings through sacrifice, prayer, and praise, but by ceremonies which are believed to influence the course of nature directly through a physical sympathy or resemblance between the rite and the effect which it is the intention of the rite to produce. Frazer, The New Golden Bough.

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