Thursday, April 1, 2010

Quotes: Science (9)

Science            233          Kilborne told him [Theobald Smith ] of the cattlemen’s ridiculous theory about the ticks... “No ticks--no Texas fever.” DeKruif, Microbe Hunters.

Science            238          "Theobald Smith...In the field where there were southern cattle and ticks, the northern cattle died of Texas fever; in the field where there were southern cattle without ticks the northern cows grew fat and remained happy; in the field where there were no southern cattle but only ticks--there, too, the northern cattle came down with Texas fever." DeKruif, Microbe Hunters.

Science            250         "Like Theobald Smith, [David] Bruce was a man to respect and to test folk-hunches and superstitions." DeKruif, Microbe Hunters.

Science            268          "To listen to these two, you would think each would rather this noble discovery had remained buried, than have the other get a mite of credit for it." DeKruif, Microbe Hunters. Gaining credit: the curse of scholars.

Science            286          "This was what Ronald Ross seemed to forget: That nature is everlastingly full of surprises and annoying exceptions…. " DeKruif, Microbe Hunters.

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