Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quotes: Sculpture

Sculpture           935         " …it became evident to all observers, that a female figure was growing into mimic life…seemed as if the hamadryad of the oak had sheltered herself from the unimaginative world within the heart of her native tree, and that it was only necessary to remove the strange shapelessness that had incrusted her, and reveal the grace and loveliness of a divinity." Hawthorne: “Drowne’s Wooden Image”

Sculpture           936          "The figure lies within that block of oak, and it is my business to find it." Hawthorne: “Drowne’s Wooden Image”

Sculpture           1089        "It [the snow image] seemed, in fact, not so much to be made by the children, as to grow up under their hands, while they were playing and prattling about it." Hawthorne:  "The Snow Image"

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