Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quotes: Shakers.

Shakers              555         " …had joined in the sacred dance, every step of which is believed to alienate the enthusiast from earth, and bear him onward to heavenly purity and bliss." Hawthorne: “The Shaker Bridal”

Shakers              556          "Martha…thin and pale, as a Shaker sister almost invariably is, and not entirely free from that corpse-like appearance, which the garb of the sisterhood is so well calculated to impart. "Hawthorne: “The Shaker Bridal”

Shakers              560          "…when the mission of Mother Ann shall have wrought its full effect,--when children shall no more be born and die, and the last survivor of mortal race, some old and weary man like me, shall see the sun go down, never more to rise on a world of sin and sorrow." Hawthorne: “The Shaker Bridal”

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