Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Quotes: Character (9)

The idea in the bold-face print is an interpretation of the quote that follows. The number is the page on which the quote was found.

Character 112 She was good natured and determined to be happy. "It was impossible for any one to be more thoroughly good-natured, or more determined to be happy than Mrs. Palmer." Austen, Sense and Sensibility.

Character 112 He is always out of humor. Mrs. Palmer: “Mr. Palmer is so droll!" said she in a whisper to Elinor; “he is always out of humor.” Austen, Sense and Sensibility.

Character 267 He was always calm, never provoked and never offended anyone who was wealthy. "…but his nature was calm, not open to provocation, and he never wished to offend anybody, especially anybody of good fortune. "Austen, Sense and Sensibility.

Character 271 She would tell anything she was asked and anything she was not asked, too. Mrs. Jennings: “Get it all out of her, my dear…will tell you anything if you ask” "…lucky, however, for Mrs. Jennings’s curiosity and Elinor’s too, that she would tell anything without being asked…." Austen, Sense and Sensibility.

Character 378 She was born to recognize her false opinions and to contradict by her behavior her favorite maxims. "Marianne Dashwood was born to an extraordinary fate: she was born to discover the falsehood of her own opinions, and to counteract, by her conduct, her most favorite maxims." Austen, Sense and Sensibility.

Character 148 When she came on the scene, she stirred up everyone. "Mrs. Harling...routed lassitude and indifference wherever she came." Cather, My Ántonia

Character 150 She thought of the people around her as if they were characters in a play. Her interest in these people was more than a business interest; she carried them all in her mind as if they were characters in a book or a play." Cather, My Ántonia

Character 155 She would interrupt her work to play with the children. "[Ántonia’s] greatest fault, Mrs. Harling found, was that she so often stopped her work and fell to playing with the children." Cather, My Ántonia

Character 180 They made fun of conceited people, helped the unfortunate and relished life. "They [Ántonia and Mrs. Harling] ridiculed conceited people and were quick to help unfortunate ones...a kind of hearty joviality, a relish of life, not over-delicate, but very invigorating...never tried to define it, but I was distinctly conscious of it." Cather, My Ántonia

Character 198 The pretty girls stayed indoors during both winter and summer--in the winter because of the cold and in the summer because of the heat. "Some of the high school girls were jolly and pretty, but they stayed indoors in winter because of the cold, and in summer because of the heat." Cather, My Ántonia

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