Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Quotes: Life (14)

Life 10 Life comes from life. "His [Leeuwenhoek’s] good sense told him that life comes from life." DeKruif, Microbe Hunters.

Life 20 Life feeds on life, which is cruel, but God's will. Leeuwenhoek: "Life lives on life—it is cruel, but it is God’s will." DeKruif, Microbe Hunters.

Life 110 Mankind's basic fight: against death. "...the fight of mankind against death." DeKruif, Microbe Hunters.

Life 97 Bad luck and loss are mysteries. "…the mystery of bad luck the mystery of loss." DeLillo, Underworld.

Life 97 The experience of an awful moment. "What’s it like to have to live with one awful moment?" DeLillo, Underworld.

Life 779 Sleeping through life. "I have trouble sleeping; I also have trouble staying awake." DeLillo, Underworld.

Life 817 With purpose and design in life come serenity. "The serenity of immense design is missing from her life." DeLillo, Underworld.

Life 826 "Everything is connected in the end." DeLillo, Underworld.

Life 9 Some people will do anything to prolong existence. "He was working hard at increasing his life span…did it by cultivating boredom." Heller, Catch-22.

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