Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Quotes: Primitive Beliefs (21)

On getting rid of devils, evils, ills, etc.

Primitive practice 610 "Sometimes in an Estonian village a rumor will get about that the Evil One himself has been seen in the place…the entire population, armed with sticks, flails and scythes, turns out to give him chase…generally expel him in the shape of a wolf or a cat, occasionally they brag that they have beaten the devil to death." Frazer, The New Golden Bough.

Primitive practice 612 "Often the vehicle which carries away the collected demons or ills of a whole community is an animal or scapegoat." Frazer, The New Golden Bough.

Primitive practice 614 "On New Year’s Day people in Korea seek to rid themselves of all their distresses by painting images on paper, writing against them their troubles of body or mind, and afterwards giving the papers to a boy to burn." Frazer, The New Golden Bough.

Primitive practice 617 "…the effigy of the devil, painted black, with a pair of horns and a lolling red tongue, had been dangling from the church tower, to the delight of a gaping crowd of spectators gathered before the church…now flung down into their midst, and a fierce struggle for possession of it took place among the rabble…carried out of the town….and burned on a neighboring height, 'in order that the foul fiend might do no harm to the city.' ” Frazer, The New Golden Bough.

Primitive practice 618 "When the ancient Egyptians sacrificed a bull, they invoked upon its head all the evils that might otherwise befall themselves and the land of Egypt…either sold the bull’s head to the Greeks or cast it into the river." Frazer, The New Golden Bough.

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