Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quotes: Problem Solving.

Some worthwhile thoughts on problem solving.

Problem solving 322 "The (theoretical) problem is solved by action (the practical)." Latin. Dictionary of Foreign Terms

Problem solving 567 "We are at our human finest, dancing with our minds, when there are more choices than two." Lewis Thomas. “To Err Is Human.” 1979. Gross, ed. Essays.

Problem solving 54 "He had seen ten thousand men die from bullets, but he had no notion of why people die from disease." DeKruif, Microbe Hunters.

Problem-solving 207 "I had always been confident that every problem could be solved, but now I found myself confronting one…that could not." McNamara’s In Retrospect. The first part of this sentence seemed to be the theme of the Kennedy administration from 1961 to November 1963.

Problem-solving 362 "All [simplistic solutions] dangerously evade the rich complexity of reality." Toffler, Future Shock.

Problem-solving 374 "…turn crisis into opportunity." Toffler, Future Shock.

Problem-solving 461 " …difficulties ought to chasten and challenge, not paralyze." Toffler, Future Shock.

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