Monday, March 8, 2010

Quotes: Scenes.

Scene 1356        "…the sea, all sparkling and dimpling in the sunshine, and murmuring gently against the beach. " “The Dragon’s Teeth” Hawthorne, Tanglewood Tales

Scene 1411       " …straining her eyes into the wonderful cavity, and soon saw a team of four sable horses, snorting smoke out of their nostrils, and tearing their way out of the earth, with a splendid golden chariot whirling at their heels."  “The Pomegranate-Seeds” Hawthorne, Tanglewood Tales

Scene 1272        "Philemon and his wife turned towards the valley, where, at sunset, only the day before, they had seen the meadows, the houses, the gardens, the clumps of trees, the wide, green-margined street, with children playing in it, and all the tokens of business, enjoyment, and prosperity…no longer any appearance of a village…in its stead, they beheld the broad, blue surface of a lake, which filled the great basin of the valley, from brim to brim, and reflected the surrounding walls in its bosom; with as tranquil an image as if it had been there ever since the creation of the world."  “The Miraculous Pitcher” Hawthorne’s The Wonder Book for Boys and Girls

Scene 535         "Never had Peter beheld a livelier scene…the bright sun; the flashing water-drops; the gleaming snow; the cheerful multitude; the variety of rapid vehicles; and the jingle-jangle of merry bells, which made the heart dance to their music." Hawthorne: "Peter Goldthwaite's Treasure"

Scene 553          "Through yonder casement I discern a family circle,--the grandmother, the parents, and the children, all flickering, shadow-like, in the glow of a wood fire." Hawthorne: Night Sketches: “Beneath an Umbrella.”

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