Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quotes: Scenes. (3)

Scene               791          "Although a portion of the ancestral heritage had been alienated, there was still a shadowy enclosure in the rear of the mansion, where a student, or a dreamer, or a man of stricken heart, might lie all day upon the grass, amid the solitude of murmuring boughs, and forget that a city had grown up around him." Hawthorne: "Egotism; Or, the Bosom-Serpent"

Scene               845         "Afar, the wayfarer discerns the flickering flame, as it dances upon the windows, and hails it as a beacon-light of humanity, reminding him, in his cold and lonely path, that the world is not all snow, and solitude, and desolation." Hawthorne: “Fire-Worship”

Scene               869          "There is hardly a gloomier spectacle in the world than one of those obscure streets of London; the houses, which were old and ruinous, stood so close together as almost to shut out the sky, and even the sunshine, where a glimpse of it could be seen, was made dusky and dim by the smoke of the city; a kennel of muddy water flowed through the street."  Hawthorne: “A Good Man’s Miracle.”

Scene               873          "Undisturbed by the tramp of feet, the rattle of wheels, the hum of voices, the shout of the city-crier, the scream of the newsboys and other tokens of the multitudinous life that surged along in front of the office…" .Hawthorne: "The Intelligence Office"

Scene               1106       " …the bar of morning sunshine, which struggled through the one dusty pane of her cottage window." Hawthorne: “Feathertop: A Moralized Legend”

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