Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Quotes: Scenes (2).

Scene 554          "A stately mansion, illuminated for a ball, with cut-glass chandeliers and alabaster lamps in every room, and sunny landscapes hanging around the walls." Hawthorne: Night Sketches: “Beneath an Umbrella.”

Scene 554          "And now another sound,--the rumbling of wheels,--as the mail-coach, outward bound, rolls heavily off the pavements, and splashes through the mud and water of the road." Hawthorne: Night Sketches: “Beneath an Umbrella.”

Scene 583          "The snow came down so fast that it covered the coffin in its passage from the hearse to the sepulcher." Hawthorne: “Thomas Green Fessenden”

Scene 640          "The night was chill and raw, and rendered boisterous by almost a gale of wind, which whistled along Washington Street, causing the gas lights to flare and flicker within the lamps." Hawthorne: Legends of the Province-House. II: “Edward Randolph’s Portrait.”

Scene               719          "I look at him in the very moment of intensest bustle, on the arrival of the cars…the shriek of the engine, as it rushes into the car-house, is the utterance of the steam-fiend…travelers swarm forth…full of the momentum which they have caught from their mode of conveyance…seems as if the whole world…were…set in rapid motion…. In the midst of this terrible activity, there sits the old man…so subdued, so hopeless, so without a stake in life…the forlorn old creature, one chill and somber day after another, gathering scanty coppers for his cakes, apples and candy…." Hawthorne

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