Monday, November 9, 2009

Quotes: Reading (11).

Reading listening 348 "She caught every syllable with panting eagerness." Austen. [She was reading a letter.]

Reading medium 23 "…by the first makers of books, who found the methods of scroll-reading (like the methods we now use to read on our computers) too limiting and cumbersome, and offered us instead the possibility of flipping through pages and scribbling in margins." Manguel, A History of Reading. I don't like reading scrolls and, therefore, I find reading anything of any length on the computer to be uncomfortable.

Reading nature of 10 "The Canadian essayist Stan Persky once said to me that ‘for readers, there must be a million autobiographies,’ since we seem to find, in book after book, the traces of our lives." Manguel, A History of Reading. Books call up memories of our experiences.

Reading nature of 10 "Reading gave me an excuse for privacy." Manguel, A History of Reading.

Reading nature of 21 "Something in the relationship between a reader and a book is recognized as wise and fruitful, but it is also seen as disdainfully exclusive and excluding…." Manguel, A History of Reading. I have encountered the latter attitude from, of all people, my mother who taught me to read by reading to me.

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