Friday, November 13, 2009

Quotes: Reading (15).

Reading purpose 103 "Gotthold Ephraim Lessing…believed that 'books explain life.' " Manguel, A History of Reading.

Reading response 93 "…something revealing about the creative nature of the act of reading lies in the fact that one reader can despair and another can laugh at exactly the same page." Manguel, A History of Reading.

Reading response 313 "Professor Jonathan Rose on the 'five common fallacies to reader response': …all literature is political…influence of a given text is directly proportional to its circulation… 'popular' culture has a much larger following than 'high' culture and therefore it more accurately reflects the attitudes of the masses…. 'high' culture tends to reinforce acceptance of the existing social and political order…the canon of 'great books' is defined solely by social elites." Manguel, A History of Reading. That quote will make you think!

Reading response 315 "…raises the question of how (and why) certain readers will preserve a reading long after most other readers have relinquished it to the past." Manguel, A History of Reading. Similar to why some people will watch a movie once and never want to see it again while others will watch the same movie over and over again.

Reading uses 63 Augustine (according to Petrarch): "Whenever you read a book and come across any wonderful phrases which you feel stir or delight your soul, don’t merely trust the power of your own intelligence, but force yourself to learn them by heart and make them familiar by meditating on them, so that whenever an urgent case of affliction arises, you’ll have the remedy ready as if it were written in your mind." Manguel, A History of Reading.

Reading, writing 286 " Sometimes even good Homer nods." Horace. Latin. Dictionary of Foreign Terms ...or is boring.

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