Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quotes: Reading (12)

Reading nature of 152 "One can transform a place by reading in it." Manguel, A History of Reading.

Reading nature of 173 "However readers make a book theirs, the end is that book and reader become one…we are what we read." Manguel, A History of Reading. Half truth. RayS.

Reading nature of 244 "The act of reading establishes an intimate, physical relationship in which all the senses have a part: the eyes drawing the words from the page, the ears echoing the sounds being read, the nose inhaling the familiar scent of paper, glue, ink, cardboard or leather, the touch caressing the rough or soft page, the smooth or hard binding; even the taste, at times, when the reader’s fingers are lifted to the tongue (which is how the murderer poisons his victims in Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose)." Manguel, A History of Reading. About as thorough a description of reading as you will find. RayS.

Reading process 23 "…the act of reading itself…skips chapters, browses, selects, rereads, refuses to follow conventional order." Manguel, A History of Reading. The Reading process. RayS.

Reading process 34 "How does the act of apprehending letters relate to a process that involves not only sight and perception but inference, judgment, memory, recognition, knowledge, experience, practice?" Manguel, A History of Reading. The complexity of reading. RayS.

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