Monday, November 2, 2009

Quotes: Reading (6a).

Reading 74 "Writing in the mid-thirteenth century, the learned Spanish King Alfonso el Sabio… 'well and truly must the teachers show their learning to the students reading to them books and making them understand to the best of their abilities; and once they begin to read, they must continue the teaching until they have come to the end of the books they have started.' ” Manguel, A History of Reading.

Reading 296 "Most readers…have at some time experienced the humiliation of being told that their occupation is reprehensible." ["Raymond, go out and play! Don't just sit around and read."] Manguel, A History of Reading.

Reading 19 "Doctors and executives alike complain that they cannot keep up with the latest developments in their fields." Toffler, Future Shock.

Reading 31 "Today [1970] the United States government alone generates 100,000 reports each year, plus 450,000 articles, books, and papers." Toffler, Future Shock. [Add to that all of the blogs and self-published books, 2009.]

Reading 31 "On a worldwide basis, scientific and technical literature mounts at a rate of 60,000,000 pages a year." Toffler, Future Shock.

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