Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Quotes: Reading (8).

Reading aloud 123 "At the same time, the act of reading out loud to an attentive listener often forces the reader to become more punctilious, to read without skipping or going back to a previous passage…." Manguel, A History of Reading.

Reading aloud 256 "Writing to his wife, Catherine, about reading his second Christmas story, 'The Chimes,' he [Dickens] exulted, 'f you had seen Macready [one of Dickens’s friends] last night--undisguisedly sobbing, and crying on the sofa, as I read--you would have felt (as I did) what a thing it is to have power.' ” Manguel, A History of Reading.

Reading and happiness 151 "I have sought for happiness everywhere, confessed Tomas À Kempis, early in the fifteenth century, but I have found it nowhere except in a little corner with a little book." Manguel, A History of Reading.

Reading and life 338 "He [William James] looked freshly at life and read books freshly." John Jay Chapman. “William James.” 1915. Gross, ed. Essays.

Reading and life 297 "…[his] glasses accuse him: here is a man who will not see the world directly, but relies instead on peering at the dead words on a printed page." Manguel, A History of Reading. [The words are not dead! They are ideas, ideas to be acted upon or at least reflected on. RayS.]

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